The Sports & Leisure group is currently working on several primary tasks ;

Whitehill/Bordon - The Future

Over the next 2 decades, expected growth in the local residential population will see a marked increase in the demands on leisure and sport activities.  How, when and where these needs are delivered/realised is currently not defined in detail.

It is however the case that the retention and expansion of leisure and sports facilities is a priority with the key ‘Partners’ responsible for planning and delivering development - this includes ; EHDC, HCC, MOD/DIO, WBRC (Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company).

As a ‘body’ the Sport & Leisure group are in touch with the ‘Partners’ so we’re in a position to express your views and opinions.

While things are being built/developed there are a wide range of former facilities & buildings used by the Garrison which are available for rent/use etc..  If you’re interested please complete the attached form to the detail shown in the form.

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If you volunteer, your involvement can be as much or as little as you are prepared/able to do.

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